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Al Adaid Desert Challenge 2017

New finale for the “Al Adaid” 2017

Organizers of the event with Managing Director Dr. Jamal Al Khanji pulling the strings have tested the new proposed final part of the race. Removing the last year’s dune nr. 6 (km 26,5), passing it on the short part, and then turning west towards mixed terrain, from hard to semi soft and then hitting the last dune (new dune nr. 6) just 1 km from the new finish line.

Dr. Jamal Al Khanji: “We believe the new finale will make the race more interesting for riders as well As spectators. From the finish line, the riders can be seen from km 30 to km 32 and then from the top of the last sand dune until the finish of the race which could make the race undecided until the final 500 meters. Riders will climb on the last dune, have a breath taking view of Khor Al Adaid and feel that the finish line is just within their reach. The terrain on the km 30 to km 35 is also not as concrete hard as the last years approach to the finish, which could mix the standings up to the very last minute .”

New maps of the route are available HERE .



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