Registration is open

Registration is open, new finish line and new mtb + run format available

Three months before the start, the registration for the 5th Jubilee edition of the Qatar’s Al Adaid Desert Challenge is open. Last year the event was 550 strong and looking forward to even improve on that number, we have added new mtb + run event format which should be interesting for those who would like to do a “mini Samla” event or for off road triathletes with a twist.

Managing director of the event, Dr Jamal Al Khanji, board member of Qatar cyclists has been part of the event in all it’s five editions: “The event has steadily grown in stature with the mountain biking and trail running community. Reputation is set to further strengthen with improvements across all and new race formats, which will take competitors throughout the stunning topography of the area to the all-new finish line.”

The event has changed the finish line three times already. From the tip of the Khor Al Adaid in first edition, to the more inland finish and to Doha Bus desert camp for the past two years. Only 1,5 km further away from 2018 and 2019 finish, lies a brand-new Al Majles Resort, an oasis nestled among the iconic sand dunes and beaches of Qatar, which will be the new finish line for Al Adaid Desert Challenge 2020. True, there will be one more sand dune to tackle, but the effort will be worthwhile as competitors will be able to enjoy amenities and great sea view. This is going to be an exciting development as bigger area can welcome more family and friends, who will get to see how special our competitors are and join us at the finish line celebrations.


Key features of the 2020 Al Adaid Desert Challenge

•   Event date is Friday, February 28, 2020, with main races starting at the Mawater Sand Dune and finishing at the new finish line At Al Majles Resort

•   New, more developed kids race at the finish line

•   The main MTB and running courses are largely unchanged, except for the final twist with the added dune to reach the new finish line

•   An exciting new MTB + RUN format will be revealed in the weeks ahead (total of 42 km)

•   Added “fun day” in one of the iconic locations for MTB in Qatar will happen on Saturday after the race, so it will be an amazing festival and long weekend for locals and international visitors. Event will be organized by local cycling communities, namely UFMBQ (United Filipino Mountain Bikers Qatar).



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