Al Adaid Desert Challenge


Event History

The event was initially started by the Qatar Chain Reaction (QCR) cycling group 6 years ago in 2010. The event was called the ‘Inland Sea Travers’ and the number of participants varied between 50 – 60 riders per year. The event was run on a minimal budget and dependent on the support of the participants’ friends and families.

In 2015 the Qatar Cyclists Centre participated in the event for the first time and also provided some logistic support to the QCR group. They realised that this event is truly unique in Qatar as well as in the GCC region. The Qatar Cyclists then offered to undertake the event concept and management. They then rebranded and renamed the event in 2016 and elevated the status to become one of the top off road cycling events in the region.

In 2016 the inaugural Al Adaid Desert Challenge took place with 130 riders successfully completing the race and paying out a total of $20,000 in gifts and prize money.

Future year plans

2017 Goals
Increase the total number of participants to 300 riders Increase the total number of GCC participants to 100 riders Increase the international awareness of the event by investing on marketing & advertising To apply for an event listing on the International Cycling Union (UCI) calendar.

Future Goals
Target number of 500 participants by year 4 (2020) 40% of total entries from the region and international participants.

Institutional partners & sponsors